Things To Consider In A Corporate Divorce

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It’s not uncommon for corporations to split up and go their separate ways. One company may buy out the other, or they may just make a clean break from one another. However, there are some considerations that need to be taken in order for the separation process to be as smooth as possible. 

This post will give you some insights on what those considerations might be so you can decide how best to proceed with your own corporate divorce if this applies to you. 

What is a Corporate Divorce?

In the workplace, there are many cases of divorce: between employees, coworkers, and employers. 

A Corporate Divorce is when an employer breaks up with their contractor or business partner with whom they have a contract. If you’re going to be the one ending your relationship with someone in this way, it’s important to know what you can do and what will happen if you don’t take any action.

Checklist If You Are Considering a Corporate Divorce

Here are some of the things worth considering when you have to split up with your business partners:


If you’re not sure what to do, take a day or two and think about your options. When facing any big decision like this, it’s always best to be well informed before moving forward.  

The most important thing is figuring out the general path that will work for both of you going forwards-  just remember that there are many different paths available depending on how much time you have invested in the relationship so far, as well as other considerations such as whether one party has more power than the other.


Business divorces are a time of great emotion and stress. The other side may be driven by emotions throughout the process, which can lead to poor decisions in an economic sense when it comes to finances. 

Even if they do realize that their decision is economically irrational before any money has been lost, some businesses/individuals end up wasting valuable resources on options with little likelihood of success because they find themselves unable to let go or stop trying for something more than what is available under current circumstances.


The number of options available to you when your company is faced with a lawsuit vary and depend on what kinds of goals, budgets, or relationships are most important. If maintaining the business relationship between stockholders is important but individual owners/stockholders don’t have much money for litigation, then maybe getting together as one side in a class action suit could make sense. 

Prepare for Anything to Happen

The emotional turmoil and upheaval that goes with a business divorce can make people behave irrationally, but you don’t have to be one of them. If your lawyer has business experience in the type of case you’re dealing with, then he/she will be able to provide some good advice on how best to proceed. 

But remember: no matter what happens, it’s usually better to act than just sitting back waiting for things to happen – at least if we know about issues ahead of time, we can prevent being caught off guard when something does go wrong.

Set up an appointment with one of our experienced corporate lawyers here at Raich Law to help you get your company on a stable track. We can provide support for any stage of the process from A-Z, or we’ll walk you through every step in preparing for the worst-case scenario and navigating corporate divorce’s roughest waters!

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