Short Term Rental and Tenant Issues

Short Term Rental and Tenant Issues Vegas
You have a short term rental property that generates you money on a periodic basis. Everything is going great until…
1. The tenant causes damages to your property,
2. The tenant steals your valuables/personal property from the rental premises,
3. The tenant refuses to leave, or
4. A Million different issues that cause you damage due to the actions of the tenants or their guests.
Even with insurance policies that may be applicable, it is very difficult to deal with such issues. There are many parties involved – you, the tenant, their guests, the third party website where the rental was booked, the police, code enforcement/agencies, etc. On top of the complexity of attempting to solve your problems related to the short term rental, you may be facing claims/citations/fines/etc. What you thought of as a simple cash flow generator can turn into a nightmare.
It is very important to get an attorney who knows what such tenant related issues are, how to handle them, how to deal with insurance companies, how to deal aggressively with the third party websites that book the rentals, etc. Many times, the property owner approaches an attorney when it is so late in the process that the attorney cannot help to the fullest extent. The issues with short term rental matters include contract issues, landlord/tenant issues, insurance issues, etc. Thus, it is important not just to get a lawyer in time, but to get the right lawyer. At Raich Law, our attorneys have successfully handled tenant related claims including fighting with the third party short term rental providers/websites to obtain six figures for our clients’ property damages and other claims. If you have a short term rental question or issue, please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

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