Need guidance and assistance with negotiations for your business? Raich Law PLLC can help you with the following:

  • Contracts
  • Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Severance Agreement
  • Settlements

“Highly recommended!! I was injured in a hotel room, the glass shower door shattered on me. Sagar negotiated with the hotel and negotiated almost double the original offer for the injury. He is always fast to respond, professional, and genuinely a nice person. You’d be in great hands hiring him and his team.”Review of Raich Law – Business Lawyer Las Vegas By Curtis Trujillo


Raich Law provides comprehensive experience in the negotiation, draft, and review of a wide-range of business-related contracts. Our goals are to protect your interests and assist you in avoiding a dispute, before it occurs. Because both parties involved are interested in obtaining a fair contract that will support their business, most contracts will generally involve an opportunity for negotiation. 

Our first step prior to contract negotiation is to review your desires for the agreement. It’s expected that contracting parties will discuss their potential agreement directly before involving their respective attorneys in the negotiations. After this discussion, your professional Las Vegas Business Lawyers, Raich Law PLLC, will help you pinpoint your requirements and hopes for the partnership, along with the items that are inconsequential to your goals. 

During the negotiation process, our expertise allows us to target beneficial elements to add as well as seek to minimize any risks that are attached to the agreement. It’s important to bear in mind that some risk is inherent in any business dealing. However, our review of your situation will be driven with the objectives of dividing the risk as equitably as possible between parties and reducing any potential impact. Depending on our client’s tolerance for risk, we will recommend an appropriate course of action. 

When proposing a change to the agreement, we will make the desired change and then send a clean copy to the other party, along with a red-line version of the agreement with the changes highlighted. After reviewing these changes for any potential new risks, the other party’s attorney will advise them accordingly. This process may be repeated multiple times and involve communication between the attorneys for both parties in order to arrive at an advantageous agreement for all sides.  

A critical function of the negotiation process is to advise our client regarding any arbitration clauses. There are frequently situations in which arbitration clauses are beneficial to both parties. Nonetheless, your Raich Law attorney will carefully assess these clauses along with your business needs in order to safeguard your right to protect your business in a court of law.

Before entering into a contract, we will act as your advocate during the entire contract negotiation process and ensure you receive fair terms and completely understand your obligations. If you need a Las Vegas contract negotiation lawyer, please feel free to contact Raich Law for a consultation. We negotiate a broad-range of standard business contracts, as well as miscellaneous contracts that may only be needed on rare occasions, with our meticulous attention to detail. 


Letters of Intent (LOI) are utilized to indicate parties’ agreement to the negotiation process in order to make a deal. Following initial discussions regarding the potential transaction, a letter of intent would be introduced after the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement. While a LOI will clearly state that it is not a formal agreement, it will frequently continue to present terms of agreement for the transaction. This allows one party to contend that because those terms were agreed-upon, the letter constitutes a binding contract. 

A serious disadvantage of a LOI is often its lack of protection for the parties involved. If the LOI is ruled as binding by a court of law, the parties then have a contract without many of the beneficial protections generally included in a finalized contract. These can include warranty waivers, liability limitations, compensation terms, and stock terms. However, the inclusion of details such as these in a letter of intent can increase the chances that a court may uphold it as a binding contract. If held to be binding, the two parties will be required to work out additional terms under often contentious circumstances. For these reasons, LOIs should only be considered after consulting in detail with your Raich Law attorney. 


A non-disclosure agreement is also known as a confidentiality agreement. Many companies will employ the use of NDAs in the event they have specific trade secrets or other confidential information they prefer to keep private. NDAs can also be used by companies desiring to keep their process or product design secret. NDAs safeguard the intellectual property that partners, employees, contractors, or other third parties could divulge about your company. Non-disclosure agreements can be composed of rather general terms or they may have serious, long-term consequences for violation.  

Non-disclosure agreements can be mutual or unilateral. A mutual NDA states that each party agrees to protect the other’s confidential information from disclosure to third parties or to the public. A unilateral NDA means only one party commits to safeguarding the other party’s confidential information. 

Raich Law offers NDA negotiations designed to build relationships of trust between our clients and other parties. We are experienced in negotiating terms that will protect the immediate and future security of our clients’ confidential information. Once a non-disclosure agreement is finalized, open dialogue is possible between all parties and the goals of the partners can be pursued freely. Feel free to reach us today to discuss NDAs, whether you would like one for yourself/your company or if you have received one to sign from another party.


A Severance Agreement is an agreement that is reached between an employer and an employee at the conclusion or termination of employment. A severance agreement details the terms of the agreement on the separation between the parties and requires strong negotiation skills to maximize or minimize any payments to be made (depending on which side of the transaction you are on). The severance agreement may also include additional terms such as non-competition, non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and other terms that may limit an employee’s ability to work after the signing of the agreement. Raich Law and its attorneys have negotiated severance agreements for employees and employers and can help you negotiate the terms of your severance agreement as well.


A settlement is a resolution that is reached between the parties to resolve their dispute/issues. A settlement can be reached before a lawsuit is filed or after a lawsuit is underway. Settlement may make sense where the costs of litigation do not justify the end outcome or when it makes sense to resolve the issues. It is important to have an attorney knowledgeable in working out a settlement that makes sense for both sides. At Raich Law, we have been brought in to resolve/settle many complex litigation matters that were over $1,000,000 in damages from both sides. As Raich Law attorneys are seasoned litigation lawyers, they are especially capable of settlement negotiations and discussions to resolve even the most complex of cases.

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