Our Other Practice Areas


Raich Law aids our clients with negotiating the appropriate financing agreements to facilitate mergers and acquisitions. We also provide negotiation guidance in addition to drafting and execution of the contracts related to these transactions. Mergers and acquisitions transactions are generally very complicated and Raich Law will perform all due diligence before any contracts are signed. We negotiate critical bargaining points with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the market in mind.


Pre-acquisition negotiations lay the foundation on which the finalized agreement will be built. During this process, the negotiations of Raich Law on your behalf will be influenced by several factors. These include the objectives of the acquisition or merger, what level of integration is sought, and the targeted time for the execution of the transaction. 

Your Raich attorney will identify key issues at play during a merger or acquisition negotiation process. We will negotiate and then draft a beneficial agreement with your needs in mind. We will then meet with the legal counsel representing the firm you intend to merge with or acquire, with the goal of ensuring that the post-acquisition phase proceeds smoothly. 

The acquiring company may choose to purchase stock shares from the targeted business’ shareholders, taking on both its assets and liabilities. The purchasing company may also choose to obtain specific assets and liabilities. Consequently, these acquisitions are sometimes more beneficial to the purchasing company than a traditional stock purchase and require extensive negotiation and guidance regarding taking on the target company’s debts and other liabilities. Your Raich attorney will advise you on the legal ramifications of both a stock acquisition or an asset acquisition. 


Mergers differ from acquisitions as there is no dedicated purchasing entity. The attorneys at Raich Law will assist your company in negotiating the terms of a merger while ensuring that your interests are protected during each phase of the process. Our negotiations take into account your future partner’s holdings and liabilities, and we perform extensive analysis regarding how the potential merger could impact your shareholder’s future.

Raich Law also negotiates on terms concerning the protection of executives and other employees during a merger who may be under pressure to join the new enterprise with less beneficial compensation or benefits. Our negotiations often include protection for the rights of employees preferring to leave the company without the limiting provisions of a non-compete agreement. Our team will negotiate agreements and processes for an efficient transaction while safeguarding your interests.