All companies, regardless of size, require competent legal guidance to ensure their protection and compliance to federal and state laws. Some companies employ full-time, in-house legal counsel. Others keep law firms on retainer or pay escalated hourly fees for services as-needed.  However, these options are out of reach for many small businesses. For new entrepreneurs especially, the customary practice of hiring an outside law firm or in-house counsel simply isn’t feasible.

“Sagar Raich is amazing! He is driven, dedicated, and hardworking, and is always willing to help! He listens carefully, respects, and genuinely cares, he explains how to progress and move forward in great detail. I will always go to him if I am in need of help and in need of his thorough incredible work!”Review of Raich Law – Business Lawyer Las Vegas By Travis Bernau

Operating a business without understanding any pertinent legal implications puts your hard-earned work at risk. Creating and executing documents with legal implications but without legal counsel can jeopardize your company’s future. Raich Law’s general counsel legal outsourcing provides an efficient option to obtain experienced legal counsel while managing costs.


Many small businesses need the occasional services of a knowledgeable attorney, but not often enough to justify keeping a lawyer on-staff or even on-retainer. Raich Law’s general counsel outsourcing offers the guidance and protection of in-house counsel at a more affordable cost. Engaging the services and expertise of an attorney knowledgeable about your industry and operations on an as-needed basis allows you to receive specific legal advice when you need it. 

Your Raich Law “in-house” legal counsel provides experienced guidance to protect your business from risks and prevent an expensive legal problem before it occurs. It’s advisable to prevent or mitigate future legal liability instead of reacting to problems as they arise. Our general counsel attorneys are familiar with a wide variety of industries; we have an understanding of your business’ operations and the laws and regulations affecting them. With general counsel services from Raich Law PLLC, your trusted Las Vegas business  lawyers, you won’t lose the competence and experience you need in legal services while managing your expenses. 

By obtaining general counsel services from Raich Law, you will get services tailored to the needs of your company. It’s not necessary for our clients to search for a law firm with which to consult and pay high hourly rates whenever they need an attorney to handle a business legal matter. Raich Law’s general counsel services ensure that you have an attorney to monitor compliance issues, review contracts, and provide guidance regarding other issues in a timely manner. Our clients turn to us with legal questions whenever they need answers, instead of when outside counsel has time to return their call. 

You Can Rely on Raich Law PLLC

Reliable, responsive, and experienced legal counsel at a cost your business can afford is essential to your company’s long-term success. We offer various legal services from finance law to venture capital law and mergers and acquisitions. We also have multiple offices in Las Vegas, Nevada to meet your company’s needs. Please call 702-758-4240 for an appointment or email us at