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Every partnership has its challenges, but when disagreements arise, they can disrupt business operations and lead to severe financial and personal strain. Our seasoned attorneys at Raich Law specialize in resolving partnership disputes in Las Vegas, ensuring that your interests are protected, and helping to set a clear path forward for your business. Call us today,  fill out a contact form below, or chat with a live agent right here on our site to set up your free consultation. 

Why Choose Raich Law?

  • Local Expertise: With years of experience in Nevada business law, we understand the intricacies of Las Vegas’ unique business environment.
  • Proven Track Record: We’ve successfully mediated, negotiated, and litigated numerous partnership dispute cases.
  • Personalized Service: Your case isn’t just another file. We’re committed to understanding your unique situation and offering tailored solutions.
  • No Cost for an Initial Consultation: Despite being a top business law firm in the Las Vegas area, Raich Law does not charge our potential clients a fee for a personalized business law consultation.

Top Las Vegas Partnership Attorneys

Our Las Vegas Business attorneys can help with all aspects of business partnerships, from formation, to navigating disputes and even partnership dissolutions. Some common business partnership services include: 

  • Partnership Formations: Establishing a partnership in Nevada goes beyond a simple handshake. Whether you’re considering a general partnership, a family partnership, or a limited liability partnership, our attorneys can assist in drafting meticulous partnership agreements, ensuring compliance with Nevada’s statutes and setting clear terms to mitigate future disputes.
  • Family Partnerships: Combining business with family can be a potent mix. Our expertise extends to structuring family partnerships that balance familial bonds with professional needs, ensuring the longevity and success of your venture.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP): Offering a blend of partnership flexibility and liability protection, LLPs are a popular choice. Our team assists in the formation, operational guidelines, and compliance of LLPs, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Disputes and Dissolutions: Differences in vision, strategy, or operations can lead to disputes, even among the closest of partners. Armed with a deep understanding of partnership law in Nevada, we provide expert mediation and litigation services, prioritizing your interests and aiming for resolutions that align with your business objectives.

Dissolution Guidance: When partnerships need to come to an end, whether due to strategic redirection or unresolved disputes, our attorneys guide partners through the dissolution process, ensuring a smooth transition and protection of assets.

Hear From our Clients!

"Sagar Raich took the time to understand our case thoroughly. They navigated us through a complex partnership dispute with skill and dedication."
Nicholas Padilla
Las Vegas Business Owner
"Raich Attorneys helped me reduce my business debt significantly. I could not have done this without their help. If you need help from a business lawyer in Vegas, Raich Law is the best in town!"
Garret Suszcynsky
Las Vegas Business Owner

Common Types of Partnership Disputes:

  • Financial Disagreements: Disputes over profit sharing, investments, or financial mismanagement.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties: Allegations of a partner not acting in the best interests of the business.

  • Operational Conflicts: Disagreements on the direction, strategy, or daily operations of the business.

  • Partnership Agreement Violations: Contentions related to breaches of written or verbal partnership agreements.

  • Withdrawal or Addition of Partners: Issues arising when a partner leaves or when a new partner is introduced.

Misappropriation of Business Opportunities: Claims that a partner took a business opportunity for personal gain.

Partnership Litigation in Nevada: Protecting Your Business & Financial Interests

In the bustling business environment of Nevada, partnerships form the backbone of many successful ventures. However, disputes can emerge even in the strongest of alliances, requiring expert intervention to find resolution. At Raich Las, we specialize in Partnership Litigation in Nevada, ensuring your business can navigate these tumultuous waters with confidence. Understanding the intricacies of Nevada’s business laws and the unique challenges of partnership disputes is our forte.


  • State-Specific Expertise: Nevada’s legal framework for partnerships is both robust and intricate. Our team is well-versed in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) governing partnerships, ensuring your case is built on a strong legal foundation.
  • Comprehensive Dispute Resolution: Whether it’s a disagreement over profit-sharing, breaches of fiduciary duties, or conflicts related to decision-making authority, we handle a wide spectrum of partnership disputes with unmatched expertise.
  • Protection of Your Interests: Our primary goal is to safeguard your interests, be it through negotiation, mediation, or court litigation. With our guidance, you can ensure that the resolution is in line with your business goals.


Choose Raich Law for unparalleled experience and expertise in Partnership Litigation in Nevada. Our dedicated team understands that your business deserves the best legal representation, ensuring that disputes are resolved efficiently and favorably. Let us be your ally in maintaining the integrity and success of your partnership in the Silver State.


How We Address Partnership Disputes:

    • Mediation: Finding a middle ground, facilitating communication, and reaching an amicable resolution.
    • Negotiation: Actively working on your behalf to secure favorable terms for your position.
    • Demand Letters: Drafting a Demand Letter can be the first step in any partnership dispute. A demand letter will include a formal request for specific actions or remedies, such as payment of a debt, cessation of a harmful activity, or compliance with a contractual obligation, along with a clear deadline for compliance to avoid legal action.
    • Litigation: When out-of-court resolutions aren’t possible, we aggressively represent your interests in court. Our attorneys have the skill, resources and experience to ensure your needs are met to the best of our ability.


The Importance of Resolving Partnership Disputes

    • Unresolved disputes can hinder business growth, strain relationships, and even lead to the dissolution of the partnership. Addressing these disagreements promptly and professionally ensures:

      • Business Continuity: Avoid disruptions and ensure that operations run smoothly.
      • Protection of Interests: Ensure your financial and business interests are safeguarded.
      • Maintaining Reputation: A protracted dispute can harm the business’s reputation and customer trust.

Business Partnership Dissolution in Nevada

Navigating the end of a business partnership can be as intricate as its inception. In the vibrant business ecosystem of Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, partnership dissolutions require careful handling to protect all stakeholders involved. At Raich Law, we’re specialists in Business Partnership Dissolution in Nevada, ensuring a seamless transition while safeguarding your financial and legal interests.

  • Nevada-specific Regulations: Complying with the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) is crucial during any partnership dissolution. Our attorneys are adept at guiding partners through the specific regulations and procedures required by Nevada law, ensuring all legalities are met meticulously.
  • Asset Distribution and Valuation: A key component of dissolution is the equitable distribution of partnership assets. We assist in asset valuation, and the divestment of shared properties, investments, and resources, ensuring all parties receive their fair share.
  • Debt and Liability Settlement: Beyond assets, partnerships often carry joint debts and liabilities. Our team ensures that these obligations are settled appropriately, minimizing individual partner exposure.
  • Drafting Dissolution Agreements: A comprehensive dissolution agreement is essential to avoid potential future disputes. Our attorneys craft detailed agreements that outline the terms of dissolution, responsibilities of each partner, and any other relevant stipulations.
  • Post-Dissolution Counseling: The end of a partnership doesn’t necessarily mean the end of business obligations. We provide post-dissolution guidance, from tax implications to individual partner responsibilities, ensuring all loose ends are tied up.

Select Raich Law for expert guidance during Business Partnership Dissolution in Nevada. With our seasoned team and in-depth understanding of Nevada’s business landscape, you can be confident in a dissolution process that is legally sound, fair, and in line with your best interests.

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