Raich Law, PLLC was founded by Sagar Raich. Mr. Raisch received full academic scholarships for his
undergraduate education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He also received full academic
scholarships to complete his Juris Doctorate degree from the William S. Boyd School of Law at the UNLV.
He is experienced in the areas of business law, real estate law, and bankruptcy law, in addition to
immigration law. Having also worked in the financial industry, he is knowledgeable regarding the field
and its rules and regulations.

Raich Law, PLLC was formed with the purpose of serving the business and personal legal needs of clients
in the states of Nevada and California. With multiple offices in both states, the practice is well-
positioned to meet our clients’ legal needs. Helping clients to build and protect their businesses are
challenges addressed by the practice every day. The experienced and well-rounded staff at Raich
supports businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Legal services are not limited to drafting legal documents or contracts that affect the rights of a person, representing someone in a court of law or in a legal matter, negotiating the rights of a client, and advising someone about a specific legal issue. Any written or verbal counsel regarding legal matters that impacts the responsibilities and rights of the person receiving it is considered a legal service. Legal advice requires expert knowledge of and analysis of the law. This exchange also creates an attorney-client relationship. Our firm provides the following legal services:


The city of North Las Vegas was incorporated in May of 1946. It is a part of the Las
Vegas–Henderson–Paradise, NV Metropolitan area. Located in Clark County, the 100.48 square-mile city
is surrounded by scenic mountains and desert valleys.

In the 1990s, the city annexed about 60 square miles of empty desert surrounding it. Located at the
northern end of the Las Vegas Valley, North Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s fastest-growing cities and is
currently the fourth largest city in the state. Due to its location within the Mojave Desert, North Las
Vegas has a desert climate: hot summers and mild, short winters. Snowfall only occurs once every few
years on average.

The City of North Las Vegas manages over 30 parks and hosts a broad assortment of outdoor activities,
events, and festivals at various facilities throughout the city. Many of these are free events. These
events are considered by the city to be leisure opportunities fostering a sense of community and cultural
enrichment. Among the city’s parks, Nature Discovery Park in Aliante is one of the most popular
facilities. The site features a large man-made lake and waterfall, walking paths, a multi-story playground
unit, and a dinosaur-themed nature discovery area. The park also features tennis, volleyball, and bocce
courts in addition to soccer fields, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and an amphitheater. Gold Crest Park is
one of the newest facilities. A linear park, Gold Crest has been constructed along with a natural wash. The
park offers a half-mile walking trail. This community amenity is enhanced by its native plants and desert
landscape setting. Surrounded by open desert, the unique Willie McCool Regional Park is the most
remote park in North Las Vegas. The park consists of a model airplane flying field, a trial nursery, and
lots of open green space. The field is frequently used by residents to fly their model airplanes, as well as
used for special meets and competitions sponsored by various clubs and organizations. At the opposite
end of the park, the University of Nevada at Reno and the Cooperative Extension Service manage an
experimental garden. The garden is used to test water usage and the adaptability of non-native plants to
the desert climate.