How to Handle Nevada LLC Member Disputes

Nevada LLC Member Disputes or Partner Disputes in a Nevada Entity

Some of the most common Nevada LLC Member Disputes, or Nevada Partnership disputes for that matter, are those between members of the LLC or partners of the partnership. The first step in resolving such disputes is to reference the governing document of the relationship between the parties to look for how the parties agreed to handle disputes in the Nevada LLC Operating Agreement (in case of an LLC) or the Partnership Agreement (in case of a partnership). Should there not be an Operating Agreement or a Partnership Agreement or should either agreement be silent on the terms of conflict resolution, it is best for the disputing parties to attempt to resolve the matter amicably.

Usually, the parties can reach a law firm, like Raich Law PLLC, to attempt to mediate the issue and record such mediation via a resolution. Should the dispute between the members or the partners be hostile or should it not be able to be resolved through mediation, the parties can agree to dissolve the Nevada LLC or Partnership and go their separate ways; however, it is often the case that one party usually wants to continue to run the business. So what can be done when Nevada LLC Member Disputes or Nevada Partnership disputes end up that way?

How to Handle Nevada Partnership and Nevada LLC Member Disputes

When one party wants to continue the business and the other wants to dissolve it, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This situation is a case by case issue that Raich Law PLLC, your trusted Las Vegas Business Lawyers has addressed in the past and can address in your matter as well. If you find yourself in a dispute with a fellow member or a business partner, feel free to reach us at (702) 758-4240 for a free consultation to see how we can resolve the issue and achieve your desired outcome.

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