Nevada LLC Formation Requirements

Nevada Business License

To have a valid Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must file for a Nevada Business License, file an Annual List of Officers, and file the Articles of Organization. If you have already formed a Nevada LLC, then you must file annual renewal documentation so the LLC doesn’t go into default. If the LLC goes into default, the Secretary of State will charge additional fines and penalties to bring it into active status.

Regardless of whether you are filing for a new Nevada LLC or renewing one, you need to have a Registered Agent with a physical address in Nevada. Please note that these are only the requirements to file with the Secretary of State. Additional requirements for taxation (both federal and state) and for licensing in your specific industry will apply.

Nevada LLC Secretary of State Fees

Currently, for a new Nevada LLC, Nevada’s Secretary of State charges a total of $425.00. As of this article the current Nevada LLC fees are as follows:

  • $200 for Nevada Business License
  • $150 for the Annual List of Officers
  • $75 for the Articles of Organization

It is $350 to renew a Nevada LLC. As of this article the current Nevada LLC renewal fees are as follows:

  • $200 for Nevada Business License
  • $150 for the Annual List of Officers

Please note that Nevada updates such fees frequently. Visit the Nevada Secretary of State Website for the most recent fee schedule.

Nevada LLC Records/Documentation Requirements

Nevada doesn’t have as stringent corporate record keeping and corporate formalities requirements for LLCs as other states do. Generally, a Nevada LLC must keep records of ownership and Operating Agreements, if any, along with accounting and legal records. An Operating Agreement highlights and lays out what the LLC does, who the members are, ownership percentages, the rules with which the LLC will operate, and more. Nevada LLCs are not required to have Operating Agreements, but having one is highly recommended, especially if the LLC has more than two members (owners). If the Operating Agreement requires the maintenance of certain documentation including, but not limited to, accounting ledgers, client lists, transaction reports, etc., they must be maintained at the LLC’s offices.

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