Actual Verdicts, Judgments, Settlements, and Matters


Business Sale

Representation of Seller of a Business.


Judgment Received for a Business Client

Judgment received for a Business client whose business was negatively targeted by a former employee who defamed the owner of the business and attempted to hurt the business by talking to the business' clients.


Sale of Commercial Property

Seller representation of a Grow Facility.


Injunction Granted

Injunction received for a Business Client, prior to discovery, which ordered the other side to deposit $2.2 Million into an account to satisfy our client's claims from the lawsuit.


Land Sale

Representation of Seller of Vacant Residential Land in one of the fastest and highest grossing areas in Southern. Nevada


Breach of Contract Judgment

After four years of aggressive litigation, Raich Law was able to secure a judgment for our client in the amount of $1,634,560.



Commercial Real Estate

Seller Representation for Commercial Real Estate Sale.


Settlement for Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Accident


Accident Case Settled

Settlement in a Car Accident case where a young family was in a vehicle and was injured.


Slip and Fall Settlement


Settlement for Business Issues with Former Business Partner


Settlement for Injuries from a Fall due to Broken Stairs at an Apartment


Back Pay for Terminated Employee

After over 5 and half years of litigation, successfully obtained judgement for back pay plus interest for former employee (attorneys' fees also awarded)



Settled Breach Of Contract Case 

Settlement in a Breach of Contract case where funds were provided to adverse party, the event failed to take place, and adverse party attempted to retain funds.


Settled Settlement for Injuries in a Product Liability Matter


Auto Injury Settlement

Settlement for injuries in a Motor Vehicle Accident.


Settlement For an Auto-Body Shop For Work Done To Vehicles


Partnership Dispute Settled

Received funds from an ex-business partner after the sale of a business.


Settlement For Partners Freezing Our Client Out Of Company


Judgment Against Party Who Refused to Pay Funds Back

Judgement in a case where an individual took funds from our client for a business with such funds to be paid back to our client but refused to do so.


Settlement For A Life Insurance Policy

Settlement for a denial of a life insurance policy to the beneficiaries of the deceased.


Short Term Rental Settlement

Settlement with one of the largest short term rental providers/hosting companies due to tenant causing damages to our client's property, stealing our client's property, etc.


Settlement for Personal Injury/Car Accident Case


Executive Representation

Settlement for an Executive regarding Employment Issues.


Wrongful Termination Settlement


Breach of Contract Settlement

Received all of the funds our client provided to the adverse party for services paid for, but which were not provided.


Severance Negotiated


Representation of an executive to secure severance from a former employer.


Wrongful Termination Settlement

Settlement for an employee that was wrongfully terminated.


Back Pay Award

Obtained judgment back pay, interest, and attorneys' fees for terminated employee after years of litigation.



Refund from Home Builder

Received a refund from home builder for deposit and change orders (refused return prior to Raich Law's representation)


Dispute with New Builder

Settlement with builder to return funds after client backed out


Car Accident settlement

Settlement for a family hurt in a car accident


Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee results in your specific case. Every case is different and no warranties or guarantees are made that should Raich Law PLLC take on your case, that you will achieve same or similar results as those stated above.

“As an Executive and Co-Founder of a Marketing Solutions firm with over 45 employees I have had numerous dealing with large “prestigious” law firms when it comes business litigation and corporate law. Not one of these firms came even close to the customer service, determination, and skill set that Raich Law provides. From employee contracts, marketing service contracts, to trust, business registration, terms and conditions for websites, disclaimers, fraudulent charges back cases, breach of contracts cases and corporate litigation Raich Law has consistently exceeded my expectations on all of these topics and issues. If your a business owner who’s serious about protecting your business and having the proper guidance and protection I would highly recommend Raich Law for all of your legal needs.” – Review of Raich Law Business Lawyer Las Vegas By Dakota Burford